Business Continuity

Successful Companies are Ready for Anything!

SmartContinuity Gives Your Business a Path To Success When Unexpected Circumstances Disrupt Your On-site IT

Everyone is looking for a guarantee. If not a guarantee, at least some assurance. That is exactly what the SmartContinuity offering from SmartMetrics provides! Peace of mind – knowing that your essential data and vital applications have been backed up offsite and can be used by your team from virtually anywhere in the case of a disaster like a storm, fire, flood, criminal activity, or extended power outage.

The difference between SmartContinuity and an insurance policy is that an insurance company isn’t going to monitor your house or property 24/7 to spot and ward off danger. SmartContinuity watches over your business continuity assets giving you true assurance that your company will be able to retrieve and use your IT assets if disruptive circumstances arise.
SmartContinuity is a hybrid cloud that combines superior business continuity and total data protection with complete peace of mind.

Utilize SmartContinuity to protect your business from:

  • Data loss
  • Theft
  • Human error
  • Disaster
  • Ransomware

With SmartContinuity you can:

  • Employ file-based or image-based backup
  • Customize the intervals in between backups
  • Get up-and-running quickly after disaster
  • Protect your employee’s jobs
  • Preserve your investment
  • Care for your customers
  • Keep people informed

Protect your business from natural disaster, human error, data loss, or malicious attack today by contacting the SmartMetrics team at (647) 494-0176 or to ask about SmartContinuity!