Microsoft Office 365

Want to Be MORE Collaborative, Efficient,
and Productive?

Let the SmartMetrics Team Helps You Migrate
to Microsoft Office 365!

Office productivity software is the backbone of your organization. We have had great success introducing Microsoft Office 365 into the workflow of organizations and have developed SmartMigration to move your files and email to the new Office 365 platform with little to no disruption to your production.

Microsoft Office 365 gives you:

  • Incredible Mobility Capability – Allows employees to access their applications and files and work on them regardless of location.
  • Efficient Collaboration – Enable staff to share documents with Office 365 OneDrive! Providing employees and customers with a quick and simple way to collaborate on projects gives your business a productivity boost.
  • Built-In Security – Microsoft data centres are some of the most secure in the world. Need industry-standard certifications or need to meet federal, state and local government standards? Microsoft Office 365 is a clear winner.
  • Ability to Scale – Because Microsoft Office 365 is a platform that has a per-user rate scale, it is simple to add users as your company grows.
  • Included Upgrades – Upgrades are included in the cost! You automatically get the latest and greatest version of Office 365.

Why partner with SmartMetrics for your Office 365 solution?

  • Business class email Mix and match plans available
  • Free 24/7/365 technical support
  • Direct billing – We’ll deal with Microsoft on your behalf.
  • 999% Guaranteed Uptime

Contact the friendly SmartMetrics team today for more Office 365 information at (647) 494-0176 or