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SmartMetrics – The Best Choice for Small to Mid-Size Companies in Oakville.

Oakville is the place that we have chosen to do business, have fun, invest in the community, and raise our families. But it’s a competitive market.

You want your business to surpass the competition? That’s where the SmartMetrics team of IT efficiency experts comes in! We have the IT management skills needed to give you business technology solutions that actually improve your competitive edge. Why waste your valuable time doing constant updates, upgrades, and patches? Why suffer the financial and productivity losses that are incurred as a result of IT breakdown and downtime?

It’s time to contact the friendly and efficient people of SmartMetrics!

  • Are you spending too much of your time and energy on keeping your IT working? That’s frustrating! Let us help.
  • Is your in-house staff struggling to keep up with day-to-day IT maintenance issues? Make it easier for them! We love IT staff.
  • Does your current IT support provider keep disappointing you with poor service? Get rid of them. Hire us!

Outsource your IT maintenance and monitoring to our friendly team of IT professionals! We’ll take the burden of IT off your plate and take care of it all – for one easily budgetable monthly fee.

Have in-house IT staff? Let us reduce their daily workload and allow them to deal with the more important internal IT requests and growth projects.

Our full menu, comprehensive IT managed services plan will give you the monitoring, security, maintenance, and support that your company needs – and all for a simple, easily-budgeted monthly fee.

We’re ready to serve your Oakville-based business! Contact us today at (647) 494-0176 or info@smartmetrics.ca