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Get comprehensive services backed by the best IT team in the Toronto area!

Getting the right IT team to support the workflow of your company is critical. Part of that decision-making process has to include the services that the prospective IT team offers. Take a look under the hood at the services that SmartMetrics offers to give you security and streamlined productivity.

  • Managed IT Services – SmartMS – Remotely monitoring and managing your servers, network devices, and endpoints
  • Cloud Services – SmartMobility – Providing security, integration, and a seamless work environment
  • Business Continuity – SmartDR – Ensuring access to your data and applications regardless of the situation
  • Cyber Security Service – SmartGuard – Keeping you safe with firewall and intrusion protection
  • Microsoft Office 365 – SmartProductivity – Allowing your staff to utilize all of the powerful productivity features of the Office 365 suite
  • VCIO / Strategic IT Consulting – SmartTactics – Using our expert IT knowledge to help you make expansion, growth, and product introduction plans
  • VoIP – SmartTalk – Leveraging the power of internet-based, full-function business phone solutions to save money and stay connected

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