Our Support Process

Tired of Googling IT Questions? Why waste time and take chances?

Get the right team with the right answers on your side! Professional IT support from SmartMetrics.

Every company goes through the stage of trying to do EVERYTHING in-house. That approach always ends in frustrated disaster. Why? Although you are extremely good at what YOU do, you don’t have the time, energy, or interest to learn the details of business technology. As a result, your company doesn’t get the benefit that it could, and should have from your IT environment.
Once your leadership team learns that things are being missed and falling through the cracks because of poorly managed IT, they begin looking for answers and professional assistance.
That’s where the SmartMetrics team enters the picture and saves the day!

What is the SmartMetrics difference?

We give our clients a 15 minute response time that is guaranteed by a service level agreement. If we can’t address your concern quickly and remotely, we leverage our network admin team to go to your facility and resolve the issue.

What’s the process like?

Help Desk Tickets can be created by our clients from our customer portal or by calling in for support. We will then assess the issue and assign it to a staff member to resolve it in accordance with the critical nature of the issue and the time frames outlined in our service level agreement. It’s that simple!

Get ready for worry-free I.T. support! Contact the SmartMetrics team for more information, call us at (647) 494-0176 or info@smartmetrics.ca .